So you have a blog (if you don’t sign up with SiteGround. Click here to learn how to setup a blog) but don’t know how to monetize it?  Hopefully you’ve been building up your mailing list up until this point because your subscribers will be cruicial. If you have great!  If you have not been, you must get on it immediately.  Alright, llet’smove on so that I can show you 3 ways how to make money blogging.

Affiliate Sales

The blogger entice others to buy a product from another company in return for a commission.

Selling eBooks

The blogger writes a eBook with expert knowledge and sells it for profit to subscribers and/or new users.

Placement of Ads

Various different type of “ads” are placed the blog and commission is paid based on clicks and/or views.

Before we dive into the three ways of making money with your blog, lets circle back to email collection and having a list.  If don’t have an opt-in email list strategy, then you’re no better than wandering around in the dark.  The importance of an email list cannot be understated.  The bigger the list the better.

Think about yourself, you are submerged with ads everywhere.  How often do you actually stop and sign up for a list?  How often do you stop yourself because you remember back to a time where you did and then you get endless spammed afterwards?  Companies spend trillions of dollars each year trying to figure out how to lure you into their product and how you get them hooked.

An email list is a lightweight version of that.  To actually have readers to sign themselves up to your blog says a lot about that person.  They must REALLY like your writing or like what your blogging about.  That’s gold and you don’t want to lose that.   Say you grow your email list to a 1000 people, that literally means every time you post a new article that you at least have a 1000 people reading it.  Yea I know not everyone that subscribes will read it but it certain doesn’t hurt.

So besides having dedicated people reading your blog posts, what other benefits does one gain?  Well two of the three methods I listed about requires you have have a good amount of subscribers and a decent amount of traffic.  Without one or the other, you will not be making any money.   Selling an affiliate product or an eBook to a new reader of your blog is infinitely harder than selling to someone that has been loyal to your blog for years and trusts what you have to say or recommend.

Think about it, don’t you tend to buy products that your friends or family recommends?  It’s the same thing with subscribers.   To be able to track all of your subscribers and be able to blast out email updates to them, you need some kind of management tool.  No spreadsheets won’t work!  I recommend looking at AWeber.  They are considered one of the best at helping business and bloggers track, auto respond, email blast, analyze, and sell to subscribers.

This is a good point to interject my own email signup form. 🙂  Please sign up!

Here are some well known guys in the industry talking about the importance of having an email list.

Out of all of the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them Neil Patel

Co-Founder of KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, and QuickSprout

If I have one regret, it’s not focusing on building our email list earlier in the process Joe Pulizzi

Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Unbounce’s email list is the biggest asset we have for driving new acquisitions Corey Dilley

Marketing Manager at Unbounce

Appsumo is a 7 figure business and 90%+ of our revenue comes from emails Noah Kagan

Founder of SumoMe

Affiliate Sales

So you might be wondering who offers affiliate programs? A lot of companies.  In fact I am willing to bet if you scroll to the very bottom of your favorite websites that you buy from, in the vast majority of them you’ll find a little link that says affiliates.  Amazon is one of the biggest, they pay out for any product you help themselves and any Amazon services like Prime.  Other big names like eBay, Wayfair, and even Macy’s offers it. I would say 75% of companies that sell stuff online offers it.  I’ve even seen bloggers offer affiliate referral commission if you help them sell their eBook!

Now there are bloggers that are really good at injecting affiliate referrals and then there are bloggers that put up tons and tons of links out there.  Both works but the latter is kind of tacky.  My recommendation is to mix it up with your blog posts, have some that are heavier with affiliate links and some that are lighter.

So how to do you get started?  Go to the sites that you want to be an affiliate seller for and sign up.  They will ask you for your information and your tax info and then usually take a 1-3 days to process and verify.  After your approved, you’ll get an email with your login information and a referral link.  There are some companies that have multiple links or allows you to make custom links but regardless of which method, you’ll have to interject those links into your blog posts.

Selling eBooks

Unlike a regular book which has hundreds of pages and require professional book services, proofreading, publishing, etc…eBooks are much more relaxed.  eBooks gives you the appearance that you have expert knowledge in whatever topic you are talking about within.  eBooks are a great way to have a steady flow of income from your blog, starting with your subscribers first.

selling ebookAs for writing the eBook itself, you have to make the distinction of offering something MORE to your subscribers or readers than what is already on your blog.  If you give the impression that the eBook is something they must buy because they simply aren’t getting the info from your site, that might turn them off.  So usually you want to settle on some kind of addition, like packaged things or new knowledge not previously discussed.  For example, if you’re selling an eBook on how to be a chef, you might include personalized one-on-one time, receipts never revealed, free hard to find ingredients, etc..

Start by getting some kind of payment/check out solution in place first.  I use a company called PayHip.  They offer a great solution for FREE but they take a cut of your sales.  They will host any eBook or digital item for you, generate embedded code for purchasing, analytics and even give you the ability to offer coupons.  Next, start by sending a personalized message to your subscribers.  The dedicated ones or the ones that love you will buy quickly, others might trickle in later.  Make sure you have this eBook link somewhere on your main page or embedded into every post so that new readers of your blog can also potentially take a look and buy.

Divi WordPress Theme

Placement of Ads

This type of revenue is from the stone ages or whenever internet became a thing.    Basically you place a whole bunch of ads and wish people would click on them.  The most popular is of course Google’s Adsense which almost every single website on earth uses, with the exception of YouCanBlogAlso.  Adsense users cookie tracking to provide ads relevant to your readers.  Bing ads is another although not nearly as popular.  Other content advertisers such as Outbrain or put out grid like ads with shocking pictures and titles to trap you into clicking on them.

They do work although mostly and sites with a ton of traffic do reap good money from just the views.  Now as for clicks, I honestly don’t know if people are just accidentally clicking on them or if they actually do; it doesn’t matter since your getting the commission regardless.

There are a ton of articles about coming up with Ad campaigns and optimizing your keywords and topics, etc…i’m no expert so i’ll leave it to you to Google yourself if your interested in learning more.  To get started, just sign up to whoever you like to display ads from and insert their script code into your blog.  If you’re on WordPress, you can insert them as widgets into the sidebar, footer bar or even in between paragraphs within posts.

This is an example of an Adsense ad being displayed.  This is the only place on the whole site that has it for demonstration purposes.  Feel free to click on it as many times as you want to get a feel for how ads works. 🙂

In Conclusion

I hope you guys learned something today!  With the three ways of how to make money from your blog, you are pretty much set with a steady flow of income and came probably retire early because of it.  But not so fast, you got to build up an email list and get a whole bunch of subscribers first.  So if you don’t have that in place then don’t try to monetize your site until you do.

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