In my post How to Start a Blog in 2017 (And Make Money), I laid out the foundation for anyone looking to start a self-hosted WordPress blog and make money with it.  But if you were confused about how to install WordPress within SiteGround (and didn’t call support to help), this is a tutorial on how to do it.

Once you are logged into SiteGround, navigate to the “My Accounts” tab and click on the red button called “Go to cPanel”.

Next click on the “WordPress Installer” icon under the section of WordPress Tools.

Click on the blue Install button.

Next SiteGround wants to know some info from you.  These are what you should fill out.

  • Choose Protocol: select http://
  • Choose Domain: choose your domain name from the drop down menu.
  • In Directory: leave this blank.
  • Site Name: try to use the same name as your domain name but up to you if you want something else.
  • Site Description: choose a site description
  • Admin Username: choose an admin username.  This is different than the username to log into your self-hosting website.  This is only to log into your WordPress site with.  
  • Admin Password: choose an admin password for your WordPress site.  
  • Admin Email: provide your email.
  • Select Language: English but your choice.  
  • Choose a Theme to Install:  I would choose a none here and worry about that after everything else is setup.  That way there is no pressure and you can take your time.  There are tons of free themes out there and really good paid premium ones like ones from StudioPress including Genesis which is powering this site.











And that’s it, you are done!  Open up another browser, navigate to http://www.< and use the username and password you just choose in the previous step.

For help with customization like themes or plugins, go back to How to Start a Blog in 2017 (And Make Money).

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