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Pinterest has the potential to grow your blog and increase your traffic dramatically.  In this post, I will show you how to save time scheduling your pins to Pinterest with Tailwind so you can focus your attention on other great strategies to promote your blog.


With Pinterest, the more active your account is, the more followers you get. With more followers, you have greater odds of your pins getting discovered. With discovery comes a flood of blog traffic. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, where posts from previous days get lost, Pinterest is a mini search engine. Like Google, quality pins (as indicated by # repins, likes, and clicks) rank at the top of search results regardless of when it was pinned.

Because Pinterest rewards active members, you want to stay active by pinning great content frequently. When I started out, I was trying to manually share about 10 pins per day but it was hard remembering to pin often. Tailwind takes the work out of pinning and adds in a lot of other great features.


Explode Your Blog’s Traffic with Tailwind’s Great Features


This is the best feature of Tailwind because you gain the ability to painlessly bulk schedule a ton of pins at the same time.  The Tailwind Chrome Extension makes scheduling pins from Pinterest and any website extremely convenient. You can easily schedule pins with just a simple click. Do you have photos on your computer?  You can bulk upload images to your Tailwind account as well.


tailwind bulk scheduling


If you’re confused on when to pin and when not to, Tailwind takes the guessing work out of pinning.  Once you connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind, Tailwind automatically optimizes your pinning schedule so that you pin when your followers are most active. You can still manually schedule pinning at any time and you can specify how many pins you want to do in a day.

tailwind pin schedule


Tailwind allows you to view how well your boards are performing on Pinterest.  Getting this insight gives you more information on whether you should pin more or less to certain boards or even leave an inactive Pinterest board.

tailwind board insight


Board lists is a huge time saver! If you focus on different categories (lifestyle, flipping, fashion, food, blogging, etc.) you can easily create board lists to group similar boards together. When it’s time to schedule a recipe, you simply click on the drop down for “food” and Tailwind populates your pin with the selected boards.

tailwind board lists


When you sign up for the annual Plus plan ($10/month), you can schedule an unlimited number of pins with Tailwind (or 400 pins/month with month-to-month subscription).

This should be reason enough to fall in love with Tailwind! You can schedule an unlimited number of pins with TailWind and it costs less with fewer restrictions/limitations.



If you are a contributor to several similar boards, you would love the ability to set intervals for a pin that fits into all of these boards. You may be tempted to post that delicious chicken dish pin to all food boards at the same time but that action reduces your chances of being discovered and can be considered as spam.  With Tailwind‘s interval pinning, you schedule your pin to be posted on each board according to a timing of your liking (minutes/hours/days/weeks).

tailwind set schedule


You don’t want to get flagged as an account that shares spam content. Unfortunately, there are some pins that link to fraudulent websites. The only way to know is by checking every pin before you share it on your board. Tailwind automatically checks all pins to make sure that they meet Pinterest’s requirement.

tailwind spam


After scheduling a bunch of pins, with the push of a button, Tailwind randomly shuffles your pins to mix all of the content. You can also lock certain pins that you do not want shuffled.

tailwind shuffle queue


With a Pinterest business account, you get access to your analytics information. Although helpful, it has limited information. However, Tailwind provides very detailed analytics on your Pinterest account. You get to see your viral pins so that you can repin those pins more often. In addition, you will know your top performing boards (so you can create a pinning strategy to pin there more often). You also get weekly updates on your growth metrics.

Tailwind Analytics


Who doesn’t like a free trial without credit card commitment? Tailwind allows you to try out their service absolutely free without any credit credit requirement. You get 100 free pins to try Tailwind and you get access to all the features of the Plus account which includes the amazing features described above. Your blog will never be the same again.

tailwind pricing

Now that you know why Tailwind is the best scheduling service to grow your Pinterest account, get discovered, and drive traffic to your blog, let’s break down what you will get with Tailwind’s Plus Plan for Bloggers & Small Business ($9.99/month):

  • Unlimited Pin Scheduling
  • Smart Pin Scheduling + Customized schedule option
  • Add up to 2 Collaborators
    • To get access to your dashboard and manage your account (e.g. VAs or interns)
  • Bulk Upload
  • Profile Performance Metrics
    • Virality Score, Engagement Score & Engagement Rate
  • 7-Day History Archive
  • Domain Monitor
  • Chrome Extension
  • Pin Creation & Integration
    • With Canva inside Tailwind, schedule pins from Instagram & Pinterest mobile app
  • Smart Pin Scheduling + Customized schedule option
  • Access to free video Pinterest courses

BTW Tailwind has an amazing customer service. Your questions actually get answered within hours! 

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