supercharge your wordpress blog with genesis

For those who don’t know, Genesis is the most secure and SEO optimized WordPress theme framework period.  The child themes look elegant and they are also optimized for both email or ad conversions.  And as a bonus, since you are paying for a premium theme, all themes within StudioPress come with lifetime support which means free updates.

There are thousands of themes and new ones are being published daily but these are in my opinion the best Genesis child themes to install on your Genesis framework.

Executive Pro theme is really good for presenting projects and I recommended it sales, project managers and engineers.  You are given a custom header and custom background setting that is not available in most Genesis child themes.

Parallax Pro

Parallax pro is business elegant theme meant for viewer conversion with a powerful call to action button.  The theme is very responsive and great for mobile users.  The viewer is lead through different parts of the page and evenutally to a final call to action button.

Lifestyle theme is the best theme for magazine and news bloggers.  Super responsive with over six color options, this theme also gives you the flexibility to choose multiple slider and column layout.  Lots of room for ads but well placed and hidden.

This news themed site is for blogs with a ton of content.  It is gives probably the most flexibility a Genesis theme can offer and is the perfect theme for news, technology and political bloggers.  Features options for sliders and multiple widgets.

Magazine Pro

If you have a blog about lifestyle, tech and fashion then I highly recommend Magazine Pro.  This theme and ads ready layout makes it a natural fit for many. It is also very optimized for AdSense  and other ads.  Lastly this theme also looks great on mobile devices and allows you to customize the column layout.


This theme is very modern and features a great “about the author” widget that makes it easy for anyone to create a brand in his/her niche.  Along with building the build, it also has a big email sign up form.

metro genesis theme

Whitespace Pro

This theme is really meant for writers to showcase their style.  The theme has a great header for your picture or your company slogan, and displays your articles elegantly.

whitespace pro theme

Foodie pro theme  is one of the fastest loading themes out there with three color options to choose from.  The theme is also designed with ads in mind as there is ample space that can be used to display ads of affiliate products and AdSense ads. I recommended this theme for magazine, news and food blogs.

In Conclusion 

With Genesis child themes there are no losers.  Every theme is very fast, have lots of customization, mostly ad ready and have a modern/elegant look to them.  In addition every theme is backed by lifetime support.  Now I do want to mention that simply getting the Genesis Framework includes a “sample” child theme.  Don’t let the “sample” part fool you, it is used by thousands worldwide because it is a full fledged theme that do a lot of things great.  

Have fun picking out a theme!

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