You know the saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?”  I’m going to use it and relate to the way you’ve been customizing your posts all these years. Without having used a full fledged drag and drop website builder, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on.  But once you do, you’ll never want to go back to the way you used to do things.  Divi 3.0 along with its visual builder is by FAR the best drag and drop website builder.  It is easy to use, very robust and shaves off design time by at least half.

Premium themes are a great choice for people who want to give their blogs a custom look without spending a lot on custom design…Elegant Themes offers a variety of premium WordPress themes at a great price. Customers rave about the support, too!

At this point you are probably wondering what a visual drag and drop builder do and why is it so good?  Below are the five things it really excels at.

Adding Content On-The-Fly

The first thing that Divi does well at is it’s ability to add content on-the-fly.  Divi created what it calls “content modules” which allows you to add in things such as a galley, blurb, testimonial, pricing table and more in extremely easily.  Think of them as widgets and each one can be customized with different fonts, colors, borders etc… Content modules really allow you to make the page come alive and saves an enormous amount of time.  No need to do a lot of fancy coding with css or custom scripts, content modules takes care of that for you.

To add content on-the-fly, simply hover over the desired area in the visual builder and click the “+” button. You will be greeted by Divi’s 40+ content elements.  Unlike other drag and drop builders, there is no need to awkwardly drag items from a central dock because Divi’s content tooltip is always there. Everything is super fast while doing this, no delays or slowness at all.

Dragging and Dropping Content

Divi’s visual builder allows you to drag and drop content extremely easily since everything is contained within Content Modules.  No need to copy and paste text or pictures, you simply drag and drop the content module from where it is to where you want it to be.  Of course if your old fashioned, that is still an option.

Divi also cool tools such as the “zoom out” feature which gives you an overhead view of your design and allows you to drag large pieces of content long distances without having to scroll.


Adjusting Widths and Heights of Content

Anyone who’ve programmed pages with html code or thru WordPress widgets know that things don’t always come out correctly.  Little bits of text can be off or pictures aren’t aligned correctly.  Those problems all go away with Divi’s draggable widths and heights. It’s so simple and intuitive, you’ll really wonder what you were doing before.

In the visual builder,  place your cursor over any of the four sides of a row or section and start dragging.  You can drag to increase or decrease the padding thereby increasing or decreasing the element’s width and height. You can see the changes take place instantly as your move your mouse!

Design with Mobile in Mind

An awesome thing Divi has within the visual builder is a design toggle that you can use to view your page/post on a simulate smartphone or tablet.  By being able to toggle back and forth, you know exactly how your page/post looks when running on a much smaller resolution.  You’ll be able to adjust the text size, title size, padding of the page or sections, and much more.  Divi also allows you to specify different settings values for each device and the Divi Builder will automatically switch between each device setting while you edit them!

Inline Editing

The last thing that Divi does well at is the ability to do inline editing when in the visual builder.  Even though everything is contained with content modules, at anytime you can click inside any where and start typing away!  Divi’s inline editor is easy simple and easy to use.  You can apply standard styles to any selection, such as bold, italic and underline. You can add H1-H5 headers, create links, build lists and adjust text alignment just like you can in the normal WordPress text editor. In addition, you can apply custom fonts, colors and text sizes. Through this combination of stylization options you can easily take your typography to the next level.

Besides the 5 advantages I listed above Divi 3.0 is supper fast, the builder plugin (designer builder and not visual builder) with any theme you want including Genesis Themes and Elegant Themes who is the company that created Divi provides top notch support.

Click here a look at the the Elegant Theme website for more info about Divi 3.0.  

In Conclusion

Divi 3.0 along with its visual builder is the best drag and drop website builder.  There isn’t really anything close at this point especially within the WordPress realm.  In case you guys are wondering, You Can Blog Now is using the Divi 3.0 theme and my posts are all designed with the visual builder.  I don’t think I can ever design a page without it again.

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